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The Stanley and Milwaukee: A Hardwood Duo Bringing You Style and Sophistication

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Have you been checking out our new combos lately? In the past few months we’ve introduced a few new wooden lapel flowers and hardwood bow ties. If you’re looking for a streak of consistency from your accessories our curated lapel and bow tie combos are for you. 

The Stanley bow tie and Milwaukee lapel pin were made for one another. They’re both finely crafted from Wenge wood, and sport a pop of coral pink.  

Why pink you ask? It's the perfect pop of color and vibrance, with just a touch of suave and sophistication.  It takes these pieces from dark and somber to soft and alluring, with just enough intrigue to keep people glancing back at your ensemble.

Our Milwaukee lapel flower needed a shave, sanding, and smooth finish, so we gave it to him. Trust us, even you wouldn’t have liked him before. Instead of that hip, sophisticated cat he’s become, he used to look more like Lake Michigan’s version of Jeremiah Johnson. Nothing’s holding him back now. 

Brew-crew playing at home or a Sunday boat-outing, he’ll fit in anywhere.

The same was true with Stanley, our new diamond shaped hardwood bow tie. Also from blue-collar, midwestern roots, he was just like the tool of the same name - covered in dirt, oil, and confined to the shed. We cleaned him up too, and just like his partner, Milwaukee, he’s now rugged and presentable.

Stanley is just as useful as he ever was, he’s just in a different line of work now.

Pink may seem like a calculated risk, but we know it’s going to pay off. We handcrafted these for the boldest men among you, and for the men who know that ladies love a guy in pink. Remember, just because you clean up nice, doesn’t mean you can’t do work.

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