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Peruvian Walnut

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Walnut hardwood is one of the most highly sought after species of wood used in fine carpentry. While Eastern Black is the popular choice in North America, the Andes mountain region offers a fine variety as well. Peruvian walnut has all the same qualities as its ‘Merican cousin with the added benefit of a more clear grain structure. 

Also known as Nogal in its native region, Peruvian Walnut’s absence of too many knots or extra sapwood leaves more of the coarse, mahogany like wood for craftsman to craft with.

Woody's makes some seriously slick bike fenders, chain guards, and other parts out of Peruvian Walnut in Bend, Oregon. Why? Simple. Because you don’t need four wheels to ride in style anymore than you need to tie silk around your neck to look dapper.

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Craftsman and artist, Ross Leidy makes some of the finest looking table tennis blades we’ve ever seen commissioning Peruvian Walnut. Yes, we just said “table tennis blade.” Why? Because it’d be an insult to call this thing a ping pong paddle.

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Of course we’re making some extremely fine neckwear out of Peruvian Walnut. Both our Clifford and Ray are made from the Junglans species. Clifford’s red & white houndstooth really pop against the dark hardwood. This hardwood bow tie looks great anywhere. Have a dinner plans Saturday night? Suit up with it. Crushing your boys in a ping pong tourney Friday night? Take Clifford, a red, white, and blue headband, roll the sleeves up on your linen shirt and do work.

Our Ray hardwood bow tie is also a workhorse. While Ray could easily accompany you to dinner he’d honestly rather be on a pub crawl… on a bike adorned with an ensemble of other Peruvian Walnut crafted accessories. Did we mention he could pong too?

Walnut is a craftsman’s wood in all its varieties. It’s tough enough for just about anything, which means it’ll be with you for a long time to come. Whether you're using them on the interior of a classic car, to make a guitar, as flooring, or even a dapper accessory, you can guarantee that Walnut woods will always be classy.

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